The New “About Me”

If you’ve been to this website before you may have noticed a change. Somewhat recently it was brought to my attention that Jesus didn’t go around complaining about the Roman government despite what he knew about it. I believe that Jesus DID NOT rise up in arms against the Romans because Rome, like America, had no soul to burn or redeem. I believe strongly in what I used to teach my clients – that true strength is revealed in CHOOSING SELF CONTROL rather than submitting to the temptation of force.

I’d like to state for the PERMANENT RECORD that I abhor violence for a multitude of reasons. One of the worst forms of violence is self-harm and under ZERO circumstance would I ever deliberately harm myself or another. I believe in doing unto others as I would have done unto me – through love.
I will not harm, I will not contribute negative energy. I will love, build, and contribute positivity.

Currently I am VERY excited about spending more time with my family, getting into photography (see below), and celebrating the teachings of Jesus. I am drug free, healthy, eating healthy, and after a year of focusing on self improvement more excited about learning and life than ever.

Letting the past be just that,

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