About Me and This Blog

I’m very plugged into current events and the alternative media and care deeply about the rare gems truth and freedom.  Both of these causes depend on accurate information.  I strive to see through the disinfo and distraction.  I write my articles for an audience already up to date with current events and alternative press. I make an effort to only write when something new needs to be said.

Although I write frequently, I constantly struggle to word things smoothly (as I’m sure readers notice).  I’m always focused on what is the most important point of a given issue.  What truth is not quite hit on the head?  Sometimes this is an uncovered fact, a hidden agenda, or behavior pattern.  There is a Grand Chessboard always at play.  Some of my articles are posted on the Prison Planet Forum and tip my hat to Alex Jones and other information warriors.

My intent is to be the change I want to see.  The trick is creating a positive awareness that fosters love and opportunity rather than hate and despair.  It’s easy to become overwhelmed by the scope of lies and suffering in the world.  For this reason I’m working to enjoy my life and focus on contributing my own creative energies in productive and independent ways.  Through artistic expression, networking with people, acknowledging spirituality, and loving one another we can reinvent the rules of the Grand Chessboard.

I suggest watching Esoteric Agenda.  While I don’t subscribe to all of the information presented, Esoteric Agenda is a beautiful and impressive attempt to bridge the hidden problems of our world with the solution of LOVE.


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